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Why Experts Are Rethinking Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer?

What is chemotherapy?
It is also called “chemo,” it’s a method to treat cancer that uses drugs to kill cancer cells. Not all women with breast cancer is necessity of chemo, but there are several situations in which chemo may be recommended. 1. After surgery (adjuvant chemotherapy) This method is used to try to kill the cancer cells that might have spread all over the body, even on imaging tests. If these cells are allowed grow, then again it will damage the cells in whole body. But this Adjuvant Chemo method will lower the risk of breast cancer coming back.
2. Before surgery (neoadjuvant chemotherapy) This method is used to try to shrink the tumor so it can be removed easily through surgery. To this method cancer will responds better. This also lower the risk of breast cancer coming back.
3. For advanced breast cancer This method is used as a treatment when women whose cancer have spread outside the breast or underarm area, the treatment method will depend on how long it works and how they t…
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Is Unani Medicine treats Breast Cancer?

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medication which started about 5,000 years ago. It is not just one treatment but also a way of detecting illness and using a wide range of treatments and systems.
Ayurvedic medicine can include: ØAdvice on diet and special diets. ØTaking specific Ayurvedic medications. ØHerbal medicine. ØMassage. ØMeditation. ØYoga, Breathing and Relaxation techniques. ØBowel cleansing.

Why people with Cancer Use it: Breast cancer starts with the abnormal growth of cells in the breast. Some of the conventional treatment methods for the Breast cancer are Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy, Hormonal therapy and Surgery. All of them have their part of side-effects but when these conventional lines of treatment are used with ayurvedic medicines, one gets quicker results with least side effects. According to Ayurveda, breast cancer is caused due to variance in three doshas namely, Vata(Blood flow, Elimination and Breath), Pitta(Metabolism) and Kapha(Lubrication). This variance le…

Breast Oncoplasty…!

When cancer surgery (oncological surgery) and plastic surgery are collectively present in a single operation, then it is mentioned as oncoplastic surgery. The main aim of oncoplastic surgery is to eliminate the portion of the breast covering the cancer (Mastectomy), and then restructure the patient’s remaining breast tissue into a normal-appearing breast (Lumpectomy).

Lumpectomy means is the surgery which removes the cancer and other abnormal tissue from your breast. At this time the surgical oncologist will eliminates the tumor and the lymph nodes. The plastic surgeons will perform a mutual breast reduction or removing tissues from the cancerous breast as well as modifying the normal breast. The procedures generally involve a slit around the nipple and areola, a vertical cut from the nipple to the lower fold of the breast, and a horizontal slit in the fold of the breast.
Breast reconstructions can be done as an autologous tissue reconstruction, which uses the patient’s own tissues to r…
Essential Fatty Acid for the Neonatal Stage The childhood years are a time of rapid growth and development, exploration. One factor that essential for a baby’s immune, development, and eye and brain development is good dietary fat. New-borns get the good fats from breastmilk. But after the age of 2, they can change to low-fat dairy products. Fats are supplements in food that the body uses to form nerves tissues. The body additionally utilizes fat as fuel. ·Fat can help the body to absorb vitamins like A, D, E, &K as these are fat soluble. ·Are the building blocks of hormones. ·Helps to develop brain and eyes of babies. ·Especially Omega-3 fats are important for the brain.
Good fats are an important part of a baby’s diet, and they should not be excessively limited.For young kids, fat and cholesterol play vital roles in brain development. And for those who come under 2 years old, fat must be given to them. So for kids Serve foods that are naturally low in fat (fruits and vegetables,…

The significance of Probiotic in Breast Milk

The biologic standard of breast milk:
The structure of breast milk is the biologic standard for baby nourishment.  Human milk likewise contains thousands of distinct bioactive particles that protect against disease and inflammation and add to immune development, organ improvement, and solid microbial colonization. A portion of these molecules, e.g., lactoferrin, are being explored as novel restorative agents. A dynamic, bioactive fluid, breast milk changes in composition from colostrum to late lactation, and shifts inside feeds, diurnally, and between mothers. Human milk is high in protein in the first stage after birth, but then protein levels decrease.  The microbiome of breastfed babies made up for a low amount of certain amino acids by expanding the dimensions of microorganisms outfitted with the hereditary programming to synthesize such amino acids – eminently methionine, isoleucine, leucine, valine, cysteine, serine, threonine and arginine.
Numerous formulas presently contain suga…

NEWLY DIAGNOSED with Breast Cancer

“It’s cancer.”“You have cancer.”“We found cancer.”It doesn’t matter how the words are framed. Those words will become a defining moment, a dividing line in your life. Yes, you have just stepped on to what may seem like a runaway train.
The oxygen is sucked from the room, our chests may constrict, the words begin to sink in and for most of us, and our brains begin screaming, “Do something. Get it OUT!”
It is in very rare cases that immediate action is necessary. For the majority of us, the most important thing to do at this moment is to stop, breathe and realize you will be faced with options. Decisions will be made and it is important to fully understand the treatment choices that are being offered by your doctors.
First and most importantly, there is no “right way” to do cancer. There’s only the way that works best for you.
Know what kind of patient you are. Some of us are fully immersed in our care while others may prefer to rely on a trusted friend or loved one to help translate the op…

Breast Cancer In Men: What Makes It Different?

For Women, the possibility of a lump in the breast is genuine and very scary. We hear the drumbeat pointing out the issue for ladies on the news, in the papers, on the web, and amid the whole of Breast Cancer Awareness month all through October every year. Women are properly aware of the way that a new finding in the breast should be assessed by their specialist. But for men, all too many are unaware of the fact that male breast cancer is not only possible but now affects about 2,600 men in the United States alone. 
In spite of the fact that a man's probability of surviving a breast cancer is in the same class as a lady's chances of beating the ailment, men are regularly analyzed at a later stage. This implies that they are diagnosed when the malady is more extreme. Too many men don't understand that the lump they have many not simply be "man boobs" (or as we say in pharmaceutical: gynecomastia) after all.
We are beginning to take shortly more about breast growth …